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> Welcome to Globini Aviation!

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as the only aviation experts in Lebanon specialized in arranging, servicing, and providing private aircrafts with quality services to executives and VIP's.

We can arrange an air taxi service at your convenience to fly you from anywhere to anywhere, at any time you like, without delay, with minimum advice time, and the most suitable aircraft type and size.

We can provide you with air ambulance to suit your immediate needs to any destined hospital anywhere in the world.

We can arrange a time share program if your business requires that you fly more than one hundred hours a year.

We can handle the operation management of your own aircraft with our experience of combined technical, business, training, and maintenance support management.

We can help you buy your most convenient private jet with the best market prices.

With our global contacts, we can support your aircraft with spare parts on 24 hours seven days a week basis.

Globini aviation ground service is available at Beirut airport for your aircraft. All requirements can be handled swiftly with the best quality.

Globini Aviation is committed to safety and high standard quality service to clients; we hope to fulfill your travel requirements.

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