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> Globini Aviation Partial Acquisition

Welcome to Globini's Particial Acquistion program, the first program in the Middle East.
GLOBINI AVIATION is a recently established aviation company by Capt. Imad Hasbini and fully licensed by the Lebanese civil aviation authorities. With our experience in general aviation, GLOBINI AVIATION can provide its clients the best service in private flying with an idea that makes sense.

Now and for the first time in the Arab region, you can fly in your own private airplane to the place you desire when paying only fraction of the plane�s cost. This new and innovative program introduced by Globini aviation has made aviation more simplified to businessmen.

Far from the commercial airline�s regulations and airport guidelines, having your own private jet will give you the opportunity to fly whenever you desire, to wherever you wish. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the private plane will put the world under your command to give you the chance to benefit from your time at its best. So you�d be able, (for example) to schedule your meetings for a week in one day and enjoy in the same time the maximum comfort.

There are so much more advantages you can acquire when joining Globini�s new and innovative program. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail: or through Capt. Hasbini�s direct phone +9613223700, or Tel & fax: +9611861040.



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