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> Globini Aviation Aircraft Management

Aircraft management is possibly the easiest way for an aircraft owner to reduce their operational costs, through consolidating flight operations, running maintenance, flight planning, pilot and cabin crew scheduling and benefiting from the economies of the scale we enjoy through our fleet management on everything from fuel to heavy maintenance.
You can benefit from the technical and business resources we offer. our aircraft management program is based on the same quality management for airline operators and a structured system of technical knowledge and quality control. Safety procedures, training programs, experienced personnel and quality auditing.

We can provide complete management of the asset, from technical and operations to budgeting and cost control. Proven procedures are in place at every level on the Globini Aviation commitment to safety, service, and efficiency. We can manage any type of aircraft, regardless of its size.

We will professionally advise you to purchase the aircraft which best fits your needs. We will handle on your behalf: Aircraft operating certificate and registration according to Lebanese air law regulations if required, Insurance, Handling at Beirut airport, Maintenance schedules at proper bases and requirement for Operation of the aircraft (flight plans, landing clearances, over flying permissions). When your aircraft is not flying for you, we will arrange to charter it to a third party. As aircraft owner, you won't have to worry about employing pilots or maintenance schedule organizing a flight department. You can count on us and as your personal "aircraft manager" we will thrive for maximum satisfaction and minimum costs.



Globini Aviation will provide an all inclusive package of services that will insure that your aircraft will be ready as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers needs and wants. We provide professional service that is second to none within the industry.

The route structure and planning, flight plan generation, fuel support catering and hotel accommodation at destinations and any other special request may needed all are provided with no time for your next flight.

To discuss further, go to our contact us page.

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